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I do my best to provide the outstanding services my customers deserve, and love receiving their feedback. Check out some of the testimonials and reviews about my Guitar Repair Service, and get in touch to learn more.

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Shout out to Nick at Nickafied Guitars for getting this ol' girl playing like new again.  if you are in need of some guitar work , I highly recommend checking him out.  Meticulous, professional and love for the art.  Very good turn around tim and a cool dude.

Glen Booth


Nick is the real deal.  if you are looking for great work and a professional approach for your guitar repair, this is the guy

Chris Church


Ya gotta check out Nickafied Guitars, he takes the time, careful tedious work, and makes sure you are happy with what you are playing!  Do yuorself a favour Get your guitbox #Nickafied

Wes Martin


I cant believe the work that Nickafied Guitars did to Willie my beloved guitar.  He was beatonup really bad, and I had lost all hope of ever playing with Willie again.  Nickafied Guitars went above and beyond to give Willie a second chance to live and play music again.  If your in southern Ontario and need any work done on your beloved axe, take it to Nickafied Guitars.  Not only is he a great person, great at his job, but most importantly he cares!  Thank you Nick!

Ace Piva


If anyone needs a guitar setup or repair, reach out to Nick at Nickafied Guitars.  Just brought 3 of mine in for setup/repair and I can tell you they've never sounded or played this well.  Nick keeps you informed through costant communication, and picturs during the process.  Very Trustworthy and Professional.  @nickafiedguitars

Larry Kemp

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